How I Work

The aesthetics that drive me are elegance, simplicity, and the human spirit. The secret to extraordinary portraiture is in timing, and in recognizing that each face is unique and has a story to tell. Photography is a fairly young medium but its technology is light years ahead of what it was when I started studying and working with film in the 1970's and 80's where I was introduced to the timeless work of 20th century’s iconic black-and-white photographers. All good photography is still appreciated by the same set of standards whether it be a film or digital image; composition,form,quality of light and content.Its usually when all of these things come together that there is a great and timeless image. Two modern developments I appreciate are our ability to see our images immediately and the chance to create large prints on archival papers and canvasses. I am foremost a portrait photographer whose work encompasses both the documentary and art photography style. Remember- If I shoot you , you live forever.